ARC: Midnight Kiss

There are so many wonderful books based in New Orleans and this is no exception. This is a collection of four dynamic and individual stories, with one running theme… Halloween and New Orleans! These are four individual stories, however they do come with a much loved formula. Girl is at a cross-roads in life and […]

Lover Unbound

Okay, guess what I’m reviewing!? You got it, the 5th book in the series! For those of you who haven’t read my reviews before. We are talking about Black Dagger Brotherhood series, by J.R. Ward. The fifth book being ‘Lover Unbound’. However, this will be my last review of this series until I finish reading […]

Dark Lover

Dark Lover By J.R. Ward is topping my charts of best read books this year… I know, It’s only April. But I’m really excited about this series! The series of books is called Black Dagger Brotherhood. Dark Lover is the first book in the series. I read this book over the weekend, and have already […]