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Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog!
It is my pride and joy and I simple love being able to share all these books with you.

When I started this blog at the start of this year [April, 2014], after many, many, many book, I had come to the conclusion that I read a lot of books!!
Too many books? maybe? I also forgetting a lot of the books I had read. Couldn’t quite remember names/authors/plot lines… Did I even like that book!?
I then read this book where this girl read a lot [like me =D ] and she had her own blog, and I was like that is totally awesome! I could do that too!
So I started this space up.
And I love it!

Mostly I am a reader of:
Fantasy- Urban, Paranormal, New Age, Realistic
YA- Young Adult
NA- New Adult
Science Fiction 

However, I do read other genres and I wont restrict my blog to only those genres but mostly likely you’ll find me reading about magic and far away lands!
So if you love going on adventures as much as me, please like and follow and I’ll show you all the places we can travel too!




On another note, I read a lot of new authors works. I love discovering new people and love trying to promote them in the small way I can. So if you are a writer (new or established) and are after an ARC reader,  please let me know I would love to read anything and everything.
And of course review it!

For any questions/books/inquiries/general love email me at:


or find me on Facebook:



#Tag #LovemoreReadmore if you think the world needs to read a little more and love a little harder!
Book suggests are also good via the #tag



2 thoughts on “About

    • Oh my goodness, thank you! This is so, so lovely. I will definitely do a post of it ❤
      I actually only started my blog a few months back, so its actually my first one! 😀

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