The Footprints On My Heart

Books can touch us in a very special way. I think the best books we read are the ones that shatter our hearts and steal little pieces of it away. In their place we are left with pages and stories that are in-bedded into our souls. Pages filled with light and love, with darkness and sorrow, these books are precious gems in a world full of words. These are the books that left foot prints on my heart. I dedicate this page to those authors and characters, to those that suffered and prospered, you stole my heart and I don’t want it back.
Thank you for your foot prints.


In no particular order:

Allegiant-FINAL COVERMockingjaydownload (3)
Scorched Treacherydownload (4)

  1. Divergent Series: Veronica Roth AND Hunger Games: Suzaane Collins
    You’re books shattered me and captured me. I am happy your characters are out in the world with everyone. Your integrity of the characters held until a devastating end. Thank you for the honesty.
  2. Harry Potter Series: JK. Rowlings. You captured the world and the kids of my generation. What more can I say?
    I chose Order Of the Phoenix here because I always loved this book the most and I also cried the most. Sirius’s death was something no one could forget.
  3. Anita Blake series ‘Guilty Pleasures’: Laurell K. Hamilton.
    Oh my goodness, I remember reading this when I was 14 and my eyes were opened. I continued reading every book and am still loving this series even today. I sit and wait all year for the next one! I adore the characters, I love the adventures: Anita you are my first and only vampire slayer. You kept me company on many, otherwise, lonely days.
  4. Imdalind Series ‘Scorched Treachery’: Rebecca Ethington.
    You took this book to a whole other level. Rarely have I found a YA, teen-fiction, fantasy that takes it as far as you. You manipulated the minds of characters and readers alike to create an amazing and original story. It was an adventure that hurt and one I can’t wait to experience again.
  5. War of Gods: Poul Anderson.
    I don’t even know why. I read you when I was a kid. My family hated you, but I loved you. I love the earth being flat and falling off it!
  6. Forbidden: Tabitha Suzuma
    You challenged my ideas like nothing else. You forced me out of a box and to consider life from an alternate way. What else can you ask of a book?
  7. Winnie the Pooh: A.A. Milne
    You are in every childs life. You teach us about all sort of things; how to be a friend, how to help people, how to love and how to grow up. [although I never quite learnt that lesson]
  8.  Fairy Tales: Grim Brothers.
    My parents wouldn’t read you to me but struggled to read you anyway and when I was older I fell in love with your horrid tales! The little mermaid hasn’t been the same since.
  9. Lover Awakened: J.R. Ward
    It’s just a great read. I just loved it. I feel in love with Zadist the moment I met him. It will be a book I come back to many times over. A phenomenal love story.
  10. Acheron: J.R. Ward
    This book broke my heart more times than I care to count. It is brutal in every way. I almost couldn’t read it at times because I was so horrified and upset. But I also couldn’t put it down because despite the pain there was always hope and that is a great thing.  Amazing. (I would suggest reading the other books in the series first)
  11. Illusions: Richard Bach
    You made me think for days.
  12. Decent Series ‘Dire Blood’: SM Reine
    This book was unbearably good and bad and good. The whole series is simple fantastic. It will steal all your days until you finish the last page of the last book. It will take you on an amazing adventure, crush you, hurt you, love you, fight for you. These characters are one of a kinda amazing. YA fans- you need this.
  13. Goodnight Mr. Tom: Michelle Magorian
    I can remember being captivated by this whole different world when I was about 10 years old. It was filled with love but also had a very dark side. I still think about this book for time to time.
  14. The Ethics Of What We Eat: Peter Singer and Jim Mason
    You aren’t the reason I changed my life, but you are the reason I am educated and the reason I love, support, and advocate for a no cruelty, no animal meat, no animal bi-products, no animal commodities, way of life.
  15. Of Mice and Men: John Steinbeck
    A beautiful book that everyone should read.
  16. Fifty Shades: EL James
    I don’t care what you think… I LOVED IT. It’s not as life altering as other books. But stuff it, that characters are to die for. The story is exciting and it gives you a look into a different kind of love.
  17. Game of Thrones: G.R.R Martin.
    ..Do I need to say anything? <3<3<3<3<3

Let me know If you have read any of these books or will read any of them. I’d love to hear your thoughts.





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