Dark Lover

Dark Lover By J.R. Ward is topping my charts of best read books this year… I know, It’s only April. But I’m really excited about this series!


The series of books is called Black Dagger Brotherhood. Dark Lover is the first book in the series. I read this book over the weekend, and have already started and finished the second book called Lover Eternal.

The series is a Paranormal Romance written by one of New York Times bestsellers J.R. Ward. This book, and presumably series, is based in Caldwell, North Carolina in the US. The book is based around a society of six vampire warriors who defend their dying race against The Omega and his Lessers. The lessers are essentially humans with no souls.


Dark Lover is based around Wrath. The last purebred vampire left, heir to the throne and leader of the black dagger brotherhood. Wrath has a tormented path and rejoices in the killing of Lessers as a way to avenge his parents death, who died at their hands many years ago. When one of his closest friends dies, and leaves him in with a dying wish to help his half-bred daughter through the change, Wrath is setting his own fate in motion.  (the change is when you turn from human into a vampire at the age of 25)

As I said, this is one of the best reads this year. The story has a great balance of romance and action.  You never feel drowned or starved of either.
Whilst you watch in anticipation Wrath and Beth’s relationship, you also get to meet a lot of other characters and see potential love interests develop. This really gives the book momentum forward as it gives insight into the books to come, giving you desire to keep reading.
The action being the war between the Vampires and Lessers is just getting heated up in the first book. You immediately get the impression this is going to be a long war and neither side will be playing nice. Just like in the romance scenes, J.R. Ward is not afraid to make it adult.
There are lots of fight scenes in Dark Lover, which are really well written and very exciting. There is blood and killing but personally, I didn’t find it too gruesome. However, I wouldn’t suggest people under sixteen read this.

The are very few errors in the book and it climaxes quite well. However I did find the gap between when the romance between Wrath and Beth climaxed, and the action of the battle field climaxed, to be quite spacious. Meaning there was a little lull between the two main events.  But all things considered it didn’t affect the flow of the book greatly and certainly didn’t make me lose interest in reading.

The only part of the book I didn’t overly enjoy where the Mr. X chapters who is the leader of the Lessers in Caldwell. This was mostly due to not really finding Mr. X an enjoyable character. He is cold and clinical, and looks upon everything very logically and strategically, without mercy or emotion.
He is an integral part of the book, and the personality is perfect for his role. However I just didn’t enjoy reading he’s part of the story.

This book, and series, are kin to the Dark Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Very similar structure to the series and the layout of the books. If you have read the Dark Hunter series, you might feel as though you’ve ‘been here before’. The lack of originality is probably one of its only let downs, and I say that with love, because I LOVE both series. However, as I start to read this series, I feel that it will still create something unto it own despite the overwhelming similarities between the series.

It’s exciting, it’s sexy, it’s thrilling, I couldn’t and didn’t put it down.
If you love paranormal fantasy and have a weakness for a bad ass with a set of fangs, you can’t go past Dark Lover.




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