Lover Unbound

Okay, guess what I’m reviewing!?


You got it, the 5th book in the series!

For those of you who haven’t read my reviews before. We are talking about Black Dagger Brotherhood series, by J.R. Ward. The fifth book being ‘Lover Unbound’.

However, this will be my last review of this series until I finish reading some other books I’ve been putting off. Also I’m hitting saturation because I’ve read 5 of the books in the series in 1? 2 weeks? I can’t remember.

Anyway, as I’ve said before VERY similar to Dark Hunters, and a little bit formulaic, so you can over do it.

This novel was about characterVishous. Cursed and uninterested in love, his life is turned upside down when he is shot in the chest. Under the care of human Doctor Jane Whitcomb he is given a second chance at a life of happiness and lover. But destiny has other plans forVishous that don’t include Jane.



I found Jane Whitcombs character to be incomplete. Unlike other characters in the book, I feel you never get to know her on the level you want. What you do get to know of her, isn’t all that interesting. Jane only has one friend, no family, boyfriend. She loves her job as a doctor and that seems to be her life, morning until night. Jane is also very intelligent and supposedly this is one of the reasons Vishous is attracted to her. Her sister dying the only ‘interesting’ event in her life. When you start reading about this, you get a sense it might lead somewhere, maybe the sister is still alive against all odds? maybe she is a vampire? maybe… something?anything!? but no.
Jane overall seems to be kind of average. As a reader I felt disappointed with Vishous’s choice in mate. I was expecting someone different. Maybe someone feisty? wild? alive?someone that matches him?
Or even the opposite, beautiful and fragile? or nerdy with her head stuck in a book?

Some of these things were kind of alluded to in Jane, like love of books, and quick come backs. But you never really delved into her character. I just couldn’t see the attraction.

As for Vishous’s character development in this book, it was also a bit of a let down. They went through his history- how he got his tattoos and curses ect- but it wasn’t half as interesting as I thought it was going to be.
Personally, I really wanted to see what it was like to hear people’s thoughts and see the future, as this was an interesting character trait but all of that was still ‘dried up’. I also wanted to see what he could do with his hand but we saw nothing.
The previous books spoke of his kinky sex life, but we didn’t really see much and what we did see wasn’t very graphic. There was a few whips and chains but what we saw wasn’t as hardcore as we were lead to believe.
Aaaannd needless to say nothing ended up happening with Butch. Total disappointment.

I think with both characters a lot was glossed over, hinted at, alluded to, but you weren’t really there with them. It was a let down.


The saving grace came in the form of John- Torhments sort-of adoptive son. His story through the book was really interesting and I found myself trying to read other chapters faster so I could get back to his story. Some really good character development here.

Phury- Zsadist twin- made quite an appearance in this book. We saw more of how he is slowly become more self-destructive over Bella- Zsadist’s mate. To be honest, I’m not finding this love triangle to be of that much interest. Part of the reason I’m not hanging out to read the next book is because it’s all about him.

I just want to say I detested the ending.
This next part I HAVE to talk about, but it does contain spoilers so… stop reading if you are planning to read this book…


Okay, so Jane dies… and is turned into some kind of ghost so she can live out her life with Vishous. I would LOVE to hear some opinions on this, but isn’t this just weird/desperate/unrealistic/taking it too far!? JR. Ward seems a bit desperate to have a happy ending for everyone.
Don’t get me wrong I’m into the impossible.. Half human turns into Vampire despite all odds, human given the gift of immortality, human turns out to have ancient vampire heritage, all those predictable, unpredictable happy endings, I love them..
But human turns into a ghost..? I don’t want to be a buzz kill, but can’t we just leave her dead? Unhappy endings are okay as well. We can take it to that level, we can handle it.
The whole ghost thing… it’s just kinda lame. I’m sorry. I’m NOT feeling it.


Anyway, next on the agenda? I need to get real and get some Elise Kavanagh.

Next book: Lost in Prophecy By SM Reine, part of the Ascension Series.



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