So if you read my last blog you know I raved about Alyssa Rose Ivy’s book in Midnight Kiss Box set. I went looking for another of her books and I found this! 
Flight #1 in the Crescent Chronicles
It was your typical New Adult Paranormal Romance, but that’s ok with me.
The story line was about a girl who needed to get away for the summer before starting college. So she decided to go and work at her fathers hotel up in New Orleans. While she is there… guess what!! She meets a boy, who happens with be like a walking chocolate bar with super powers.
But can she trust him?
Naw, probably not.

It was a really, really easy and captivating read. While the main character was maybe a little frustrating at time, she did have her strong points. The story was typical, but maybe a little dramatically unrealistic. Some major events fell  a bit short of being convincing. But that’s A-Okay, I still really liked it and am in the process of reading the next in the series called ‘Focus’.
I have to say I don’t entirely know where the series is going to go. There is some obvious tension that is building up, but I have no idea if it will fizzle in the name of romance, or whether it will take it to the next level… lets read and find out!

I would suggest this to those who love a N.O romance. I felt it was a little more YA than NA which I saw it listed as, but there you go. I’ll let you guys decide on that. I would suggest it for those YA obsessed more than NA readers.
I didn’t find very full on in the paranormal side of life, which is good if you just want a light PN read.
Good, solid, light read.
and for .86c on amazon, why not?

Rating: free-vector-sweet-strawberry-jam-04-vector_005319_(4)-01free-vector-sweet-strawberry-jam-04-vector_005319_(4)-01free-vector-sweet-strawberry-jam-04-vector_005319_(4)-01free-vector-sweet-strawberry-jam-04-vector_005319_(4)-01



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