ARC: Shadow Burns

Book: Shadow Burns
Author: SM Reine
Series: Preternatural Affairs, 4#
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal.
“When more than a dozen people die at a retirement home, the official story is carbon monoxide poisoning. Cèsar Hawke is convinced the reason is less mundane and more infernal. But that’s his job. As an agent working for the Office of Preternatural Affairs, he’s always looking for supernatural answers to deadly questions.
Isobel Stonecrow agrees to help him find the truth. With her powers of necrocognition, she can speak to the dead and get the real story.
But when they return to the crime scene, they find a lot more than cadavers. They find a nightmare that they can’t escape—a nightmare from Isobel’s past, which even she can’t completely remember thanks to the contract that signed away her soul.
Cèsar will have to disinter Isobel’s secrets to save her. He’ll learn who Isobel used to be, what she’s done, and the price she paid…no matter how deadly the knowledge might be.”


SO every time I read SM Reine I have to just obsess over how much I just adore her and how I think the whole world just needs to read all of her books! I got this book as an ARC and I am really behind on reviewing is as it has already been out a week or so 😥
BUT I have good reason.. I just had to read the rest of the series first!
This series has been on my TBR for ages but I have been swamped by other books.
Lame, but true.
However now that I am on SM Reine’s ARC list (YAY!) I needed to read allllll the books. So I did.
Anyway, about this book.

Well obviously it’s freaking awesome. AND you should read it. AND there isn’t much to it.
Here is the link: BUY ME!

You need more than that?? hmm

One of the great things about SM. R. book is her characters.
Always her character.
and you will have a ball reading the characters in Shadow Burns and the preternatural series. She delves further and further into the characters in every book, making them more complex and creating more depth.
Making you fall in love ^_-
We got to find out a lot more about Isobel in this book! She is a necrocognition (cool huh) but that’s not all and if I told you more, I’d have to kill you.
But seriously, we explore her past and get to find out a lot more about her talents. It’s completely… wow..
Our beloved sexy Cesar goes into crisis mode, unsure about….. well… everything. It’s a bit of  mind ****

And I have to say, as I haven’t yet reviewed the others in this series, but I loved the tone of Cesar’s character. I am very used to James and Able or Seth as the lead males, and they were quite similar in tone in some ways. I found Cesar a world apart from them and it was great to see diversity in her writing. But like always, all her characters are just *kisses fingers* perfection.
Fritz- his boss, who is like I don’t even know. Not on this planet.
Suzi- who is his partner and total bad ass with attitude to boot.

The action is never far away. True to her style its packed with blood, guts and a lotta demons… plus everything that goes bump in the night.
And the action start right from the start!

Urban Fantasy… is there a better place to be? No.
There is just so much that happens, I can’t even tell you. Just trust me.
Like mind blown.
So many this revealed.

I can’t say any more.

SM.R. really has a flair for the drama.
And not the sissy drama- the fly by the seat of your pants kind.
The rip your emotions out and leave you a panting, sweating mess on the floor of your bedroom.
Don’t believe a book could do all that to you and still have you begging like an oxygen deprived person?
Well…. read this, I dare you.

I received this in return for an honest review and I honestly loved it.


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