ARC: Choices…?

Book: Choices
Author: Viola Rivard
Series: Running with Alphas, #3
Genre: New Adult, Paranormal Romance.

“Taylor isn’t sure what the rules are to their polyamorous arrangement, but Hale isn’t letting his new female talk her way out of his bed. Now that he’s had a taste of Taylor, he can’t think of anything but having her in every way possible.

While Hale is chasing after Taylor, Alder delves deeper into the Whiteriver conflict, finding out that his brother isn’t as innocent as he claims…”

Readers should be 18+ and comfortable with menage romance & profanity.
This is not a standalone book.

..Love you | Hate you..

So this is the third entry of this serial. I have to say not a great deal happened in terms of events. Taylor, Alder and Hale’s relationship became more complicated as things heated up between the three of them.
Hale discovered he had feelings toward Taylor and to his surprise wanted a future with her. Made complicated by the bargain he had struck with Alder which pretty much meant he only had claims to her body. Or in other word he wasn’t allowed an emotional relationship with her.
Taylor spent the novel confused about how she would love two men she barely knew and struggled to come to terms with Alder wanting kids.
Alder remained fairly consistent through the book.

The misdeed that Hale had committed wasn’t as shocking as I thought it would be. It was actually rather smart and stealthy, and all round good business. I had presumed it was going to be a sexual misdeed but it wasn’t anything close to that, which I found a little disappointing after growing so close to Hale in the last entry, I had thought the author was going to chuck us a curve ball and turn our emotions of us, but it didn’t pan out that way.

One thing about this serial that I am seriously not digging is that Alder and Hale are brothers and they are sharing and have group sex with the same girl.
I’m not being close minded here- threesomes are cool, everyone agrees, everyone loves reading about them, blah blah blah….  But a threesome with your siblings, it just feels wrong you know?
and the fact that they are enjoying watching each other do the dirty feels even worse. THEY ARE BROTHERS =s
Someone explain this fetish to me….
Personally I just didn’t dig it… obviously a lot of people are rocking it though because it’s getting 4/5** ratings on GR and Amz, so if you have a secret incest fetish hit it up boys and girls.

I felt there wasn’t a great deal to say about this installment. It was a bit of a bridging entry for me, laying down the foundations for the events to come, but nothing really happening right then and there, which it why I only gave it three stars.
It wasn’t exciting or enthralling enough for a four star and the writing wasn’t crafted enough for five stars.
However, I really enjoying reading this serial despite this entry being average and the brother thing which is why I rated it a three stars.

I would recommend this series to those who don’t have a lot of time to read, but like to read a bit here and there. These entries come out every two weeks or so and are roughly 100 pages long, so good for those going a few stops on PT.

Thank you to Viola Rivard for gifting me this novel in exchange for an honest review. 



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