ARC: Honesty

Book: Honesty
Author: Viola Rivards
Series: Running with Alphas
Genre: Paranormal, New Adult
I received an Advanced Readers Copy [ARC] of this book in exchange for a review. 

I have been following Viola Rivard’s works since her debut serial Claimed by the Alpha and there has been some promising moments in her series. But I have always found there were things that just let the books down, (visit archives for previous reviews).

This is totally not the case for this series. Violas Rivards writing, story line and characters developments have really improved in this series and I am loving it! The story line is captivating and we are really seeing some insight into her characters unlike we have seen before.
I found the lengths of both Trust and Honesty to be perfect. The slightly longer length I felt enabled us to see further into the characters and explore the story to greater depths, unlike other installments in previous serials.
I found because of this I have been drawn into this story much more and making you desperately want the next book!

The story:

“Hale isn’t even remotely interested in Taylor—at least that’s what he keeps telling her. But that doesn’t explain why he keeps turning up everywhere she goes and why he can’t seem to keep his hands off her.

As Taylor struggles to maintain her new relationship with Alder, Hale threatens to drive a wedge between them. But is it because he wants her gone, or because he wants her for himself? “

In this book we got to know our characters more. We are slowly finding out more about Taylor and I am very intrigued about her past and her family situation. Also about her heart condition and what it will mean for her living in the wild. Will she reject her heart? Is she in danger?
I really loved exploring Hale’s character [Alders twin brother]. He is wild and uncouth, sexually driven, protective and a trouble maker. The complete opposite of his brother, Alder, who is kind and courteous, an all round good guy.
Alder is tame, where Hale is all animal.
Hale’s character sucked us in. Definitely make me secretly hope Taylor falls for him.
But we have yet to see Hale’s true colours!

I am genuinely really excited to see what happens in the next chapter of this series. The series is similar to her previous serials but the character are so much hotter and more developed, and the story is so much more captivating than previous books.
I can see this ending up being a really good  series, so I encourage you to all get on board and check out this series!
(Book #1- Trust, Book#2- Honesty)

Book #3 to be release on the 25th of September.

Warning: This book contains ménage romance and profanity. Due to sexual content, it is not recommended for readers under the age of 18.

I would also like to thank Viola Rivards for giving me a copy of this book.



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