Book: Hidden
Author: Megg Jensen
Series: Dragonlands
Genre: Fantasy, YA

This book was a fabulous read and just what I was looking for. It was unpredictable and original, taking you on an amazing adventure through forests and into unknown kingdoms. The lead female character was ass kicking awesome; for those who enjoy a spirited and strong female you will love Tressa. She is dynamic and completely ‘mad’ as Jerrett often calls her.


Growing up in a hidden town, surrounded by a fog covered treacherous forest, Tressa has never known anything besides a simple and planned living. The town of 200 lives on rations and has planned couplings as a way of keeping blood lines pure. Family is everything.
Tressa fell in love with Bastian at a young age, but fate has prevented them for being in together in the way they wanted.
Until Tressa leaves the town with Bastian and best-friend Connor in tow. It is deemed a suicide mission as no one ever returns,  but an unknown sickness in the hidden town forces them to leave in pursuit of medicine.
However, along the way they discover many enchanting and dangerous things, and soon it becomes a mission of more than just curing the towns illness. It’s a mission to free the town entirely.

I liked: 

So, so many things. It is a great story line that has been well thought out and structured to keep you turning the pages. From the first page you’ll find yourself hooked, trying to find out what is going to happen. There is never a dull moment from page 1 to page 314.
The story is split into two perspectives Tressa story, and her love interest, Bastian. The split perspective gives the story a really rounded perspective of events. It also adds depth to both characters, as you are constantly seeing them through each others eyes as well as though their own thoughts.
There are some great action scenes in the novel for all you swords and punching lovers. Tressa really expands her character when she learns how to fight. She was by far my favorite character and there was definitely a few ‘Eks!’ of excitement over what she was planning!

I didn’t like:

There really wasn’t much to not like! The only criticism I really have is that I thought some reasons for events happening were a bit convenient.  Sometimes the reasons felt a bit forced, which made its foundations unsteady and jarred me back into reality, in my opinion. Not a big crit. I’m really just fishing.. XD I loved it!

I observed stuff..

The way I viewed Bastians character changed over the course of the novel which I actually really enjoyed. When I first met him I was like “*swooon* He is so the man for her!” but as I read more from his perspective I started to see that maybe he wasn’t thhhatt great.
For me it started with the introduction of Leo, the first other guy we had seen Tressa spend any time with. Although it wasn’t a romantic relationship (Like he could have been her father) the relationship they developed was really very special. And it got my brain ticking over about whether of not Bastian was The man.
Later on in the book we meet Jarrett, Leo’s son, and after some intimidation on both sides they become allies. Despite they maybe unromantic meeting, we start to see Jarrett is a really, really good guy. He is strong, focused, intelligent and treats women with respect (more so that Bastian I think).
I found that when we met these two men, my feelings over Bastian changed.
Mostly I though Bastian lacked a bit of integrity, where Jarrett was full of it.

I am kinda hoping Tressa and Jarrett get together…!! *Double Swoon*

and I shall endeavor to find out right now as I read Hunted the second book in the series!

I rate, I recommend..

I gave it a four star because I loved it! It was fun, original and I am excited to get into the next book! It a great read for those who love fantasy books. It has dragons in it…very cool, but it’s not the most dragony dragon book ever. I suspect more dragons in the future!
It’s set in an alternate universe (kingdoms is where is at yo’), so if you a jonsing for a holiday, escapism is this.
It’s not heavy on the usual YA romance side of things, so if you’re wanting adventure and fantasy, with a moderate to light level of loving, this is a great choice!

So if you like the sound of this book, guess what!? You can get it free! Just head of over to Megg Jensens website (link below) and if you subscribe to her newsletter, then you can request a free e-copy of this book! Yay! Free books make me happy!

—-> ww.meggjensen.com



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