Book: Opposition
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Series: Lux
Genre: YA (Aliens in high school yo’)

So as most of you know I am a bit of a Jennifer fan and I’ve read this whole series and absolutely loved it, BUT I am kind of devastated to tell you… I struggled reading this.
I really need to justify this to myself and you guys cause I was itching to read this book, it just came out this month, been hanging out for it since summer… but I didn’t like it.
So please, this is not so much a review as a documentation of my brain thoughts

I gave it three stars because I think I was in a ‘bad’ frame of mind while reading this and I don’t believe the book was actually bad.

Why it was bad for me :

  1. I have been reading a lot of romance novels of late and am totally OVER it. Too many ‘moments’, too many speeches, too many sex scenes… I need action, story, plots, suspense… not another romance!
    There was a lot of moments  between the two main characters in this novel. I felt it really distracted from the story. (which was saving the world from aliens).
  2. I was not tripping over to turn the pages. Anyone that knows me knows I can be a tad obsessive esp. with books.
    I like to read while I walk the dog, on the way to the tram/train, in fact whenever I walk- I like to read. I read when I eat, I read in the shower, I read when I brush my teeth.. there was even a time when I practiced scales whilst I read my book.. (multitasking 😉 I have the skills)
    Anyway, pretty much there is no time or activity when reading isn’t a viable option.
    However, I didn’t get these vibes from Opposition…
    I was like- walking the dog…? hmm I could not read?
    In the shower? Naaarr gotta do my hair…
    Teeth? my kindle is.. ok its over there.. never mind.
    I was like a normal person.
  3.  I read two other book in between starting and finishing Opposition. I… have nothing to say… I just wasn’t that into it…?
  4. Its feels petty to write but I just didn’t like ending of the war.
    So the characters went through a lot and the author took them to some pretty dark places and there was a lot of cray cray…
    and then the end came around with the big battle!!! ..and it was just too easy.
    The solutions were simple, organizing the solution to said problem was easy, enacting the plan was a walk in the park. Consequently  the conclusion was predictable and not entertaining.
    I wanted a struggle, I wanted them to over come the impossible and instead they pretty much sat back and watched the show. I wanted a near death experience and the pain of loss to be real, but it was cheap and unoriginal. I felt nothing.
  5. I thought it was way too long for what it was. It wasn’t even long, but man, it felt long. I got to the end and was like, ‘so what actually happened?’.
  6. I have read quite a few J.L.Almentrout book recently, I may have overdosed and that it was this is such a crappy review. I am sorry 😦


So do I think this is an entirely fair review?
No probably not.

Do I think you should base your judgement of this book/series on this?
Please, NO and I will not be posting this review anywhere else for that reason.

Do I still recommend this book/series?
Hell to the yes, I adored every other book in this series.

So I didn’t have a good time with this book… but I read the other books super fast and loved them. So If you like YA and Aliens and cool characters and supernatural awesome sauce, get on it.

It’s a three start rating because of my personal experience only, not necessarily a reflection on the book, if that makes any sense what so ever!!
Please don’t hate me for this review, I am just trying to be honestly honest. I wrote all this with a smile on my face so don’t take offence if your feeling offended!
I still love Jennifer L.A.



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