ARC: Sins Of Eden

Book: Sins of Eden

Author: SM Reine

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal

Series: Ascension Series



This was an absolutely stunning finish to an amazing series. I don’t have anything negative to say about it. I loved it, every bit of it!

The thing I loved most about this novel is that it kept me guessing the entire time- right up to the end. I couldn’t figure out how Elise was going to fix the world or even if she would survive it! Which is pretty rare for me, mostly I have the ending all sown up by half way through a book (Or maybe I’m reading predictable books?). So adored not knowing what was happening on the next page, the suspense and tension that that brought to the novel.

The story line is intense. In the last few books I have thought the novels started off slow and took a while to get into the thick of it. This is not that case for Sins of Eden. Sins of Eden is hella fast. There are fabulously written battle scenes, descriptive, dynamic and you don’t find yourself lost in a sea of punches and knifes. (Does anyone else get lost in fight scenes sometimes?) The climax is… just wow. No spoilers so I don’t want to say anything, but holy-moly, imaginative, creative and unexpected.

For me it was also a very emotional novel. If you have followed James and Elise, Rylie and Able, and friends over the last few years, it is definitely a tear jerker. There are some super unpredicted turns for the worse that just shatter your heart. And overall the majority of the book is rather sad.

I say this every time I review a SM Reine book but please, pick up one of her books and read.
She is one of my absolute favourite authors. Any of her books are worth reading (I suggest starting at the descent series and going forward). They are always creative, the characters are addictive and quickly become friends that you keep revisiting. SM Reine has a special way of mixing dark and light, sad and happy together to make something really…. Magical! She is a beautiful person and a beautiful author.

I cannot recommend a book, a series and an author to you more highly than I can this.

If you have not read this novel, please stop reading here. The next segment has spoilers of sorts.

Love more, Read more friends.

I just wanted to chat about the Epilogue. After all the trials and tribulations we got to the epilogue… and I just wanted to live there for a while, you know? It was just such a beautiful scene, so much of a relief to get to that point. It was too short, I needed more time to adjust my frayed emotions to the happiness surrounding me.

But for Elise and James, I just need to know more. I need to know what they are now. When Seth sees them dancing, looks into Elise’s eyes and sees the universe, surely that means she is not human!? Is see still God? Is James human? What are they!? And what happened while she was creating the universe? And what lengthy conversation did she have with Rylie whilst there?

So many questions and no answers!!

Also, super keen to find out what happens with Benjamin aka. Nathaniel and Marion when they grow up! Little magical genius, possibly werewolf?, adventures!?

Also did anyone have a giggle about Elise being a ‘God’ parent? It was pretty fitting considering she was and might still be an actually God!

SM. Reine has said she will be writing more in this universe. So fingers crossed we’ll be seeing more of our good friends and their off spring soon!!

I would also like to thank SM Reine for the ARC of this novel in exchange for a review.



2 thoughts on “ARC: Sins Of Eden

  1. Wonderful review, and I love your Footprints of the Heart page.
    Never actually considered that about the nature of James new existence, I would have thought that he was still simply human, but yeah Elise is God, so she could do (almost) what ever she wanted.

    • Thank you and thank you about my Footprints page- I loved making it!!

      Surely James wouldn’t stay human… He is James!
      Gah, I am missing James and Elise already- time for a re-read? haha

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