ARC: Trust

Book: Trust
Author: Viola Rivard
Series: Running with the Alpha, #1
Genre: New Adult, Paranormal Romance

This is the start of a new serial by Viola Rivard which looks to be very promising!
This story is about a girl name Taylor who is on the run from the police as one of America’s Most Wanted. Whilst running away to escape capture she meets devilishly handsome, to-good-to-be-true, Alder. Alder is an alpha werewolf and is instantly drawn to Taylor and has plans to make her his mate. But between troublesome brother and an insecure Taylor, settling down isn’t easy.

There were lots of things I like about this read. The story line is really captivating and the characters draw you in. I found the tension created between the brothers really interesting and found myself wanting to learn more about both of them.
Taylor has a lot of interesting aspects as well. I love that she is vegetarian- you rock! don’t change! and I am very curious to find about her family life. Taylor seems to have had a rocky family life, we are yet to know the details but this serial has set up a good amount of anticipation regarding who she really is.

At times I felt the writing told you what was happening a little too much and didn’t show you. Some parts I wanted to see how the characters where seeing their surrounds and the other characters, instead of being told which leaves things ambiguous or up for your interpretation.

This isn’t really a criticism but one thing I would have loved to have seen more of was Lark! Lark is a secondary character, who is a shape shift in Alders pack. She is a really quirky character and full of fun, and I loved reading about her!
Some commentary was brushed over between Lark and Taylor. In these spots it would have been a good opportunity to go deeper into Larks character, as well as deepen and add detail to the packs life and the surrounds. Also to show the readers more about Taylor’s mind.

Apart from that, I had fun reading this little book. It’s still a bit to soon to give much of a critique of what the story is/will be.  But I very much enjoyed what I read so far.

*I received an ARC of this book in return for a review*



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