Tempting the Bodyguard

BookTempting the Bodyguard
Author: J. Lynn
Series: The Gamble Brothers
Genre: Romance, NA

So this was the last book in the Gamble Brothers series and whilst I loved the series I don’t think it was as strong as some of J. Lynn/Jennifer Armentrout’s other works. Needless to say, it was still a rockin’ series!

The story is about the eldest Gamble brother Chandler and Ms. Gore who we met in the previous model. Chandler runs a bodyguard firm and is known around town for having a devious sexual appetite. Ms. Gore is a hardcore publicist known for her uncouth ways of ‘getting the job done’. When Ms. Gore starts getting threatening letters from a not so happy client she runs to Chandler and his security firm for help.
and needless to say things escalate quickly on all fronts 😉

Like always her characters were dynamic, fresh and different, whilst still conforming to that typical male/female conventions that we all love in romance novels.
[Character quirk of this novel was the main female character had a baad potty mouth!!]

The thing I didn’t like so much about this novel was the story line. The concept was really strong, but the delivery, in my opinion, fell short. I felt that the drama was over all to quickly and the lead up was mediocre. We also knew who the perpetrator of the threats were way, way too early and were left without any suspense to drive the story. I think this effected the tension of the overall novel and ultimately didn’t have me turning the pages to find out what happened.

Unlike her other books, I found the characters superficial. I felt the author skimmed over a lot of the detail in the characters lives and therefore I felt they lacked the same depth as some of the authors other characters. I also felt Chandlers character was left short and a lot of who he was, was left unexplored, when there was obviously a lot there to be told. I felt the same with Ms. Gore.

I gave it three stars because I thought the concept was strong,  the writing was good, it complimented the series well and it was true to the style is was written in.

I also should say, I feel like this review reads harsher than it should, because despite my general complaints I still did enjoy this novel and it was a good end to the series.
(I presume there wont be a fourth book!?)



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