Tempting the Player…

Book: Tempting the Player
Author: J. Lynn! Aka. Jennifer Armentrout
Series: The Gamble Brother: Book Two
Genre: Romance, New Adult, Adult Fiction

Yet another deliciously captivating novel by J. Lynn. This is the second book in the Gamble Brother series and it was just as good as the first! You can read it as a stand alone but as with any series, it’s always worth while to start from the beginning!
and trust me, you want to read the first book.

This book is about Chad and Bridget. Chad is a pro- baseball player, and ball isn’t the only thing he likes to play. Bridget is a curvaceous little minks who happens to work with Chads brothers fiance. After being caught by the cameras together in a moment of lust, Chads publicist form hell manipulates and blackmails Bridget and Chad into a fake relationship in order to repair the damage done to Chads reputation. They are now stuck with each other for a month. But is it such a bad thing!?
Both characters battle with intense attraction, whilst trying to keep their emotional distance, unwilling to commit due to past heartbreaks and hurts. But you can’t protect your heart from everything..

One of the best things I love about Ms. Lynn writing is her characters. Not only does she writes the hottest characters, but they are also all very individual and have great quirks.  Sometimes its just really simple character effects. For instance in this book, I loved the way Bridget dressed! It made me wake up and go, ‘I’m going to wear lots of colours today!’ #bookspiration? #characterfashionwear? #dresslikeyourfavcharacters?
(hmm.. I’m guessing most people don’t connect with characters this way..?)

The only really issue I had whilst reading this book, is that the story line maybe didn’t work as well as it could have. I thought the idea was great, but personally I think the climax could have been handled better. None the less I was still very entertained.

This book/series is great. Like Lynn’s other romance novels it’s captivating and entertaining. It’s not overly involved so it is a great way to spend an afternoon, as well as takes your mind of daily stresses.

I would recommend it for you if you love a light, but sexy romance.
….and really got guys.




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