Fifty Shades of Grey, Take 2


Book: The Billionaires Obsession: The Complete Collection Simon. Books #1 to #4
Author: J.S. Scott
Series: The Billionaires Obsession
Genre: Romance, Adult Fiction, Erotica
Rating: pT5ERrATBpT5ERrATB

I only really had one issue with this book. But its was a pretty big problem hence the limited bumble bees. From the moment I started reading this book I thought ‘Its like Fifty Shades all over again!’ and at first I was like, ‘Great! I loved Fifty!’.  But as I read on I realized there were things that were just toooo similar.  The dynamic between the characters and setting were almost identical. Of course the female was poor, the male was ridiculously wealthy. But then there were things like Simon (male character) having scars on his body from a childhood trauma and his inability to have the female touch him whilst having sex. It was all based in the same kind of classy penthouse with the amazing view, the female worked a basic job, and had the tiny apartment, not to mention she was still in college, the best friend ending up falling in love with the brother… [There are lots more but I don’t want to put any spoilers in]. But it was more or less just a bit of a copycat.

and yes, it was published after Fifty Shades, a year later in fact. So I think maybe the author just really loved Fifty and wanted her own Fifty? Which is fair enough… who wouldn’t!?

However, the erotica side of the novel didn’t quite cut the cheese. While it dealt with some taboo sexual themes it was rather on the tame side in comparison to other novels in its genre. But to make up for its tameness, the author just put in ten times too many sex scenes.
I don’t know if it’s a beef with the genre or this particular novel but… don’t you just get bored with all the sex scenes sometimes!? I definitely got bored with this read. It was just too much sex, too little substance for my liking.

For me the writing was left wanting. I wanted to learn more about the characters and their stories. I wanted more suspense and drama in the pivotal plot moments. Every crisis the characters had just seemed like a brief interval or a segue into more sex instead of actually shaping and expanding the story.

(I should mention there is four book in this collection:
1. Mine For Tonight
2. Mine For Now
3. Mine Forever
4. Mine Completely

These four books are about Simon and Kara the two main characters. The series continues but with other characters.)

In summary, this novel obviously wasn’t for me. I didn’t mind reading it but I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone who doesn’t read and like erotica. and even if you do, there are better erotica novels out there.
Personally, I loved Fifty Shades, so if you are looking for a similar book, I understand.. but I wouldn’t recommend this book. Just read the real thing.




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