Through the Ever Night


Book: Through the Ever Night

Author: Veronica Rossi

Genre: YA, Adventure, Post Apocalyptic



It’s been a while bookworms! I’ve been busy 😦 I got a new job so I’ve been working a little bit more and I’ve been watching Downton Abbey- yes, I know, I’m late to catch on with that one. I’ve also been writing a book- very exciting! and I have my own car now- eyeye! but that means I’ve lost a bit of the travel reading time, which kind of sucks. Anyway, I’ve been a bit slow.
I have read the Fault In Our Stars and have a review drafted, but I can’t post it because I’m just not sure about it. I’ll put something up about it at some point I’m sure. Maybe a book/movie comparison blog??


Anyway, this is the book I have read this week. I read the first in the series last week and loved it AND I loved the second one as well. It was a really strong second book to the trilogy, which is quite refreshing from the usual lull second book get when written as part of a trilogy. I would recommend this series to any Divergence Fan.

This book has exciting and individual characters, that change and develop massively throughout the first and second book. I thought Veronica Rossi really pushes the character in this book.  Aria is no longer just a naive dweller but strong Aud and able fighter.  Perry transforms into the Bloodlord he always wanted to be. As a couple they go through hardship that almost tears them apart as Perry faith in Aria wavers. Roar and Aria become best of friends as they travel together through the wild.

There were really gut wrenching moments in this book. Moments to scream at, and cry at, and laugh and get excited.
The structure was great! Unlike some other 2nd book it built to a climax and stayed true to the direction of the series. Not adding a million new characters and sub-plots, which I’ll admit got me quite excited!

Things I didn’t like? Well I would kind of like to see a map. I am really confused about the geography of the land. Some of it is desert? some of it is woodlands? then there are mountains somewhere? and a river? and its all within like 2 weeks walking distance? I just don’t know about that.
Also I am a little confused about what the Aether is. What exactly is it? Is there a sun as well as an Aether? or is the Aether the sun gone mental? I don’t really know, but neither do the character so it’s Okay?

I wanted more Liv and Roar time.
I understand there is a novella about them, but I wanted more in this book.
or maybe there should be a disclaimer to read the novella before this book, like a 1.5 book.

Personal complaint- I would love to see a bit more of Perry and Arias relationship. It’s hard to do when they spend so much time apart and I am sure it will develop more. but yeah. I’m missing the romance of it.

In conclusion- I really really like this series. It’s great. I am already part way through the last book, so keep your eye out for the finale!

Here is the review of the first book: Under the Never Sky



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