You Should Never Say Never Under The Never Sky

Book: Under The Never Sky
Author: Veronica Rossi
Genre: Dystopian, Sci-fi, YA

This book totally got me hooked! I have heard a lot in other reviews that they thought it way very Hunger Games and Divergent, but I really didn’t see the similarities apart from both being dystopian novels. Maybe the similarities will shine through in the later books?
And not to rant, but I am a bit over people jumping to the conclusion that if the novel is dystopian then it’s automatically like HG’s or Divergent. Wrong! Just because they are of the same genre doesn’t mean they are akin. That’s like saying all romance novels are the same, because they all revolve around falling in love. Basically what I am saying is I don’t think this book is like HGs or Divergent series. For better or for worse.

I did take a little while to get into this book and work out what it was all about. I’ve had it on my kindle in my TBR list. I think I brought it on a whim actually and forgot I had it BUT in the mean time I had completely forgotten what it was about. So I had gone in cold reading this. I didn’t have a vaguest of ideas about the characters or the story line. So I think this could have contributed to my slow start.
However, you are pretty much chucked into the action straight away. New worlds and new technology and Veronica doesn’t explained too much about it. But after a little bit of feeling around in the dark, it does get explained or shown, and everything makes sense.
When that happens it’s amazing.

The book is about two people, from two different worlds, who have both lost something very important to them. Out of their element and chucked into a world of no guarantees, they only have each other to depend on now. Despite their initial prejudices against one another, they are their best chance of survival and answers.

Veronica Rossi has created a really wonderful Dystopian world. The writing flows nicely; it isn’t overly descriptive but definitely gives you enough to create the picture. It’s relatively fast paced and easy to read. She doesn’t with hold too much information but holds enough to keep you reading.
Veronica’s main characters, Aria and Perry, totally suck you in. They are in some ways complete opposites but simultaneously very similar. Both start off being weary and stand-offish of one another, but slowly they start to grow together. Watching the characters develop and change is really satisfying in this book and one of my favourite parts. The transformations that Aria and Perry make, especially Aria, are really well crafted and I can’t wait to read more about her. This in particular made the book really worth while for me. If you are like me, and are all about great characters then I think you might enjoy this.

The plot line of the book is ultimately about getting their loved ones back. Veronica has also added a lot of subplots into the later half of the book. I am not entirely sure where these plots are going though, and if they are actually going to aid the story or just over complicate it. I’ll reserve my judgment on that.

I think if you read this book, be prepared to read the series. While you could just read this book alone, the plot only covers a little part of the entire story. I imagine it would be an unsatisfying  read if you only wanted to read one book and not three. (Do people even think like that though? I’m not sure) So if you like the sound of this novel I would set aside time to read all three…. Which is great! cause series are fun! and reading is fun! and books that keep going are even better!

Anyway, I stayed up till midnight reading this last night and then downloaded the second book straight away and read about 10% of that before I died of sleepiness. So you’ll hear about the second book soon no doubt!

On a side note:
I just discovered the greatness of audio books!! I have just started listening to ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ on audio, because I’m to lazy/don’t want to read the book.
Why you say? because I read some of his other books and didn’t think they were that amazing. BUT I have to say I am loving Stars.
Anyway.. Audio books… oh my goodness, you can like do all your usual household stuff/go to the gym/cook dinner/walk your dog.. AND get through all your reading at the same time.
A-mazing. I can read pretty much all the time now.

Farewell real world. I fear shan’t live in you any longer.

Love More, Read More.
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