Tempting The Best Man..

You can tempt me any day cause this book was zap 😉

Book: Tempting The Best Man
Author: J. Lynn
Genre: YA
Rating: Awesome!



This book was so much fun. I love everything about this author; her writing style, her awesome characters, her fun plot lines. One of the greatest things about this author is she has an alter-ego. Yes, you read that right. An Alter-ego.
How freakin cool!?
I want one.
Can I has one too? Paweees?

Okay, so her name is Jennifer L. Armentrout (I’ve reviewed a few of her books previously. Check them out in the Book Review tab on the menu.). This is the name she goes by for all her book, besides her romance collection, in which she goes by the name J. Lynn.
So if you ever see those two names around and are going ‘Damn, who aaarree these two girl who write the best female/male lead characters out of all the YA author I know AND the sexist, more exciting, make-your-mother-blush, totally-NOT-PG scenes????’… yup, same person. Your minds blown? mine too.

Anyway, onto the book.

Makes me giggle,
Totally blush worthy,
Just abs for days,
Do these men exist?
Can I have one?
Swoon some more,
Just want to read romance all day every day,
Read it,
Do it,

Yeah, so, worst review ever. But it totally got the point across? I think so.
You want to read it? I hope so!
Then you’ll read all her other books because she is so awesome? Yup.
Here you go!

So, I totally want to meet this author and interview her/be her best friend. Who’s with me?


Love more, Read moredownload (2)





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