June Wrap Up- 2014


SO my fellow bookworms, I hope you have had a good reading month! I have had an okay one. We’re going to do a June wrap up. If you don’t know what that is, basically just going through all the books I’ve read. It’s always great looking back at your months reading, it always seems better than it is i think.
But I’ve got through 10 books, so that’s not too bad. I’m keeping an average of 2 and a bit books a week. But there were a lot of short book this month. Anyway In ABC order we have:

1.Assassin and the Pirate Lord
2.Claimed by the Alphas
3.Curse Breakers
4.Bound to the Alpha Part Two
5.Bound to the Alpha Part One
6.Kindrily Series #3
7.Kindrily Series #2
8.Kindrily Series #1
10.Torn by Fury

So starting with 1. I loved this book. Highly recommend it. Can’t wait to read the next one. Which I think I’ll start today! Yay!
2. Claimed by the Alphas. Viola Rivards thank you for the ARC! I thought it was a great first novel for the author. Personally I thought the plot could have been developed more, but it had some great characters.
3. Curse Breakers is part of a series. I love the originality of this series. It’s like Indiana Jones but with Native American history. It wasn’t as good as the first novel, but that’s always the way. I thought the writing could have been condensed to make it a quicker read, and it would have really helped the flow of the novel. Personal opinion right there.
4/5. This series is again by Violin Rivard (thank you for the ARC). This is her second series. Similarly to Claimed series it’s about werewolves! I think she has improved a bit in this series. I hope we see more character development in this series. I also wish they weren’t so short. But if you like short- read these!
6.7.8. Kindrily series! If you follow my blog you know I flew through these books. I highly recommended the first book and I definitely stay true to that judgment. It was by far the best of the three. It’s a really sweet romance about two people destined to be together throughout many live. The girl has lost all her memories and she struggles to remember her life, her loved ones, and most importantly her soul mate.
9. Orthella by Therin Knite, thank you for the ARC. It was a first time reading his writing. I didn’t rate it highly, I struggled through it the majority of the way. But the more I think about it afterwards I actually thing its a great book, with a really strong plot line. So kudos on the new series. If you love all things Sci-fi it’s worth checking out.
10. Torn by Fury- again if you follow my blog you will know how much i RAVE about this author. I adore her so so so much. Read her books. This was the 6th book in the Ascension Series, and the second last one. It was great, fabulous, I loved it. I can’t recommend a series more highly.

SO there you go.. let get to the fun stuff!

Best Book: I really can’t decide I had a few. Kindrily #1, and Torn by Fury.
Best New Series: Assassin and the Pirate Lord [Throne of Glass series] absolutely looking forward to continuing this.
Best Characters: Elise and James from Torn by Fury. Always and Forever! ❤
Best Plot: I would actually give it to Orthella- really well planned, even if the structure lacked.
Wooden Spoon: Claimed by the Alphas. It was great for the author and a nice little read, but I can’t say it has stayed with me.

I hope some of these books inspire you to read! ❤

Reviews of all these books can be found in the Book Reviews tab in the menu. So if you want to know more you can check them out there.

Enjoy your beautiful Sundays!


Also I have a new page for you. Its of some of my favorite books so check it out if your keen for some good reads!


Love more, Read more ❤


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