Fighting For Infinity

Book: Fighting For Infinity
Author: Karen Amanda Hooper
Series: Kindrily
Genre: YA, Fantasy


Woweee… The end of the series! What a read!
Firstly, this is the 3rd book in the series. Please don’t attempted to read is as a stand alone, you will be really lost with characters and plot line ect.
The first book is Grasping at Eternity:
The second book is Taking Back Forever:

Both were really good, see above for reviews.
(I’ll be speaking about this book and also the series in general, so it’s not a book specific review. )

While think this book was very good, I did find that maybe it was a bit longer than necessary. There was quite a bit of waiting around for characters to figure things out or find out important information (Which lead to a little bit of skimming on my behalf). I guessed one of the main turning points in the book really early on (if you’ve read it, I’m sure you know what I’m referring to), I wont presume I was the only one, but I found because I already knew one of Maryah’s main secrets I became a bit frustrated at how long it took the characters to work it out. There were quite a few  moments when I just wanted to scream at them (mostly Maryah) for being so unaware.

I’m sure anyone who has read this feels the same, but I was really hope Maryah would find her inner powers and really show her inner strength. She does do this to an extent but for all the drama I wanted her to explode into the amazing person we had heard all about. Unfortunately this didn’t happen so much. Truthfully I didn’t see much character transformation during this book (or the series) from Maryah. While she had glimpses of memories and managed to remember some of her powers, I would have loved to have seen Maryah’s  transformation into Mary in a more rewarding way.

The same goes with Nate. I love his character but he is pretty much the same person from the first book to the last. After all they have been through I would have like to have seen the emotional impact on him and how that would have shaped and changed him as a person. We did see him have a break down in the first novel on the hot air balloon and I loved seeing that really human, hurt, angry at life and the situation side to him. I think it was a really truthful moment and I was sad we didn’t see more of this. Not that I wanted to see him sad and angry, but I felt he was a just a loving going along with whatever Maryah decided to do.

The climax of this book I think was structurally well placed. But the aftermath went on slightly longer than necessary.  I felt how the author dealt with antagonist was maybe rushed, as it was thrown in between two other really dramatic moments. I felt, after everything the readers and characters went through, it was disappointing that the result of these three book was over shadowed by other events.

Also I think the writing style changed. There was a lot more fluency in the authors writing in the first book compared to the last one. Karen had some really beautifully constructed sentences and well thought out passages. Maybe in the rush to complete the series she lost a bit of the quality.

Still, I did and do really love story and the world Karen created. I heard rumors of a continuation or a spin-off series, so I’ll keep my ear out for more.

Read more, Love more.


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