Taking Back Forever

Taking Back Forever By Karen Amanda Hooper is the 2nd book in the Kindrily Series.
I reviewed the first book here: https://bonnievbrown.wordpress.com/2014/06/22/grasping-at-eternity/


I loved the first book, and I loved this sequel. The story in a continuation of Maryiah and Nates story and in addition we also start reading about Harmony’s story and her search for Gregory who has been kidnapped by Dedrick.
Dedrick is the antagonist of the story, who has a diabolical plan that will ruin the kindrily’s future. We have yet to figure out what this plan is but we know he is using dark magic to manipulate other elements (magic super people) to his cause.

The book has two stories running simultaneously. This first is Maryiah’s journey to discover her erased memories. Secondly, Harmony’s hunt for Gregory. Both stories, while really good, lacked in the build up to their individual climax. Possibly because they were both fighting for page time. I also thought the pinnacle of both stories could have been structured differently so that they were closer together, I felt this would have add more drama to the story and kept the up the momentum. Overall I felt both stories were interesting but I don’t think the author managed to do either of them justice.

Karen A. Hooper gave the reader the option of endings. You could finish the book on a definite ending, or you could read on and finish on a cliff hanger. Essentially the author added three bridging chapters to the end of the book. These chapters marked the time between the end of the second book and the start of the third book.
While this was a really thoughtful idea, I personally didn’t like the choice. I don’t mind a cliff hanger and I don’t mind a conclusion. I did choose the cliffhanger cause why not!? But I felt like it didn’t add anything to the book. There was a conclusion to the stories, and I felt like adding the alternate ending was just throwing a curve ball for no reason. I felt it didn’t fit in; it had no build up, it didn’t structurally make sense, and didn’t aid to the main plot line of the book ie. Maryiahs finding her memories, Harmony getting Gregory back.
While I love the direction the next book is going to take because of this cliff hanger, I would have loved to have read it in  context to the next book. I felt It was not so much a cliff hanger to the second book but rather the start of the third book.
I’m sure people feel differently and before anyone asks, YES, I love cliff hangers, just not this one. 😉

I feel like I’ve said a lot of negative words towards this book, but there are really only two main complaints and I really did love reading this. Unfortunately, I can’t jump into the third book (which I am completely bummed about because I love these books) because I need to read and review a new ARC (YAY for ARC’s- Please send me your ARC’s!). But no doubt it will be the next thing I read! So stay tuned!

Read more, Love more ❤


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