[ARC] Othella

I received this book in exchange for a honest review.



Othella by Therin Knite.

This is the first Therin Knite book I have read and I while I didn’t dislike it, I am not clamoring for the next. This book is a fast paced science fiction novel based on a dystopian world. Three different characters tell you this story which is set over 5 years and then into the present. The plot line follows a community called the Arcadian Heights which is a facility that was created to help prevent the end of the world. The brightest and best minds in maths and science from around the world come to work in this institution but are never seen again. Until someone discovers the Heights greatest secret..

and Honey, do I have a story for you.’

It took me almost  a quarter of the book to really get into it. I was quite confused about what was going on, especially in the first few chapters. It jumped around like crazy between time frames (6 months before, 5 years before, ect.) and between characters who were poorly introduced and seemingly didn’t relate to each other.
Once I got into the book and realized how the characters and time leaps connected it got markedly better.
I thought the structure and plot line were obviously impeccably thought out. There were some great characterization and while the story line was maybe a touch generic there were some really original aspects to it.
This is a completely person opinion, but for me the way sentences were constructed, and the command over language, didn’t compel me to read. I didn’t get excited or angry or happy, I wasn’t cheering for either side. I felt like all the action was there but the author didn’t emotionally drive the characters enough for me to care about them. I’m shattered that I couldn’t connect with them, because I honestly think this has the potentially to be a really great book.

However I do believe this is just my personal tastes and no necessarily a reflection on the book itself. You might have a different experience.
I am happy to say that the book got better and better as it went on, and ended on a really exciting note. I will be on the look out for the book 2 and hoping for great things!

Love more, Read more ❤



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