ARC- Bound To The Alpha: Part Two

Bound Part Two is the second installment of this series.
I received a free copy in return for a review.


I very much enjoyed reading this book. However is was really, really short. Only 80 pages long, I really felt like I wanted more. Viola usually releases her series in short novella installments, however I really felt like there wasn’t enough pages in this book! Maybe that’s a testament to how good the book is, I’ll let you decide.

I feel that it’s a growing thing is the YA circles to only release books at novella or a bit longer length. This is great because waiting a year for the next book can be a downer. But on the flip side, if you’re like me and read a lot of books and you end up reading a few books in between, the flow of the story gets ruined with such short installments.

Sarah desperately doesn’t want to leave Cain and go back to her boring life. But when she meets the pack and starts creating bonds with the children, she  realizes she doesn’t want to leave the pack either. Despite the hardships of life in the wild, Sarah realizes it’s not all that bad and in fact there are a lot of great things. Sarah and Cain start to realize the breadth of their feelings for each other. But even if Sarah wants to stay with him, how will he tell her that she is potentially carrying his pup.

This novella is an exploration of the feelings above. The climax of the novel is really in the decision Sarah makes to stay with the pack and her pregnancy. If great watching the interactions between the pack members and Sarah, and watching her slowly form a home in the den. But the main contention of the novella, being her feelings and the pregnancy, we already knew the out come before we read the book. On this front the book lacked any suspense or surprise, but as I said it’s 80pgs, there isn’t a lot you can say in that time frame.

One thing I really liked is, you find out you are meeting the characters from the previous novella series (Claimed By The Alphas) when they are younger. If you have read the other series, it gives a great perspective into their lives, and also helps to create further depth to the overall story.
If you haven’t read the Claimed series, it doesn’t impact on this story in anyway, so don’t feel like you need to read it, if you don’t want.

This book is supposed to be read as a series, so don’t read it as a stand alone it wont make sense. I would also suggest that this book is not for young teenagers as it contains sex scenes.


Here is the review of the first novella:

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