ARC- Claimed By The Alphas

Claimed by the Alpha Series by Viola Rivards
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There is a lot of great fun things about this book. It’s a really easy read, reasonably well written, great characters. Some – wait who am I kidding?- A LOT of really great sex scenes. (Mums don’t buy it for your teenage daughter).

The is the authors first published series and I thought she did a great job of it.

The only real issue is that there was not a lot of action. The plot line completely revolved around the main characters relationship with the alpha. I thought there was potential for some pack rivalry and maybe some fight scene, there were even suggestion to one, but nothing evolved.
I would have like a bit for character development. Viola skimmed the surface of the characters, but we never really got to know about their past and who they really are, beside the superficial.

But for a first book it was really well done. I’m looking forward to following this authors progress in her next series Bound by the Alphas.

I received a free copy of this bundle in exchange for a review.


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