[The Curse] Breakers, Keepers, Lovers, Weepers

Sooo… This is Book two in the Curse Keepers Series By the delightful Denise Grover Swank. Is that a cool name or what!?

I read book one back in January a while ago. I found it because one of my fav Authors on Facey said everyone should read it, and like a good little sheep that is exactly what I did! ūüėČ

It was a great read and I’m really glad I followed the leader in this instance. Interesting, creative, out of the box. This series is about North American history come to life! The¬†Lost Colony of Roanoke¬†has always been one of the great American mysteries. This book flashes forward into modern America, but the mystery lives on. Until it magically reappears. The Lost Colony¬†is tied to an ancient curse that should never be broken, for fear of the gods wrath. Two people, curse keepers, are in charged with the mission of keeping the gates of hell closed, and the gods locked up. But after 400 years and many generations later, Ellie (one of the modern-day curse keepers) doesn’t believe in make-believe magic curses.
Two weeks later, one curse broken, one love found, one heart-broken and a whole lot of scary demons, Ellie is a sure believer.  That about covers the first book. If you like the sound of this quirky history, action, love packed book, go on and read it and stop reading this!


Now that Ellie believes in the curse, she has so many questions. Collin wont help and with her Dad gone, the task of uncovering the answers to stop of gods seems impossible. Ellie seemingly is left as the mercy of the spirits tormenting her, until an unlikely but terribly handsome man comes into her life, by the name of Prof. David Preston. He is a ‘Native American studies’ professor at a near by university, and just might have the resources and knowledge to help Ellie find the answers. But can she trust him after the havoc Collin wreaked on her heart!?

The book was a great read, I think that this series is going to be a great adventure. But this book I felt was a little bit slow. While finding answers is always a hard and long task, I felt it was a bit dragged out for very little gain. The entire book was geared around finding Ahone symbol so Ellie could protect herself with. As the central idea it wasn’t altogether that interesting, and in my opinion didn’t need as much page time. I know that¬†the Author was trying to demonstrate the character of Ahone, create new friendships, ostracize Collin, ¬†and create a platform for the reader/characters to gain more information.¬†However, I thought it could have been a bit faster in delivery.

However, it was still a good read, I think the series as a whole will turn out to be really interesting. I love that this novel in placed and centered around North American history, which is something I know nothing about and a really interesting platform for a YA novel. Characters are pretty classic YA characters. I think these characters are very standard models of what we expect of YA novels. So if you are wanting something fresh in your YA characters, it’s probably not what you are after.

Despite, this I shall be looking out of the next book in the series This Changes Everything which is scheduled to release in August.



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