ARC Bound to the Alpha

Did you miss me!?!?

Sorry for being absent in your book life. I know you missed knowing what I was reading. But there there, here’s a tissue, I’m back now and I’ll never leave again. ❤ I’m yours, truly.

But what have I been doing you ask?

Well after reading Forbidden, I felt I couldn’t start another book straight away.
It also coincided with me being super busy playing my beautiful violin with some amazing people. To those reading, I loved making music with you all so much ❤  But you ate up my reading time and that’s pretty unacceptable! jks
Off topic but… I am a pretty passionate vegetarian and probably now a vegan. I say probably because I haven’t made the ‘in sickness and in health’ commitment yet, but we are certainly engaged. My beautiful sister just went vegan and she introduced me to some pretty special internet people: Freelee the banana girl and Essena O’Niell for those interested, and also got me to watch something called “Earthlings” which is a doco on animal farming. It was very intense. Watch it. Now. Anyway I’ve been doing lots of reading/watching on animal rights, so I haven’t been reading my usual stuff. Ill be doing more research and blogging about some books so stay tuned if you’re interested in changing the world.

ANYWAY, I did read a book bundle called ‘Claimed by the Alphas’ by Viola Rivard. I received an ARC copy for the bundle which I reviewed over at Amazon, so it you want to read that I suggest head over there. Sorry I didn’t have time to do a big blog. ❤

But today is ‘Bound to the Alpha’ By Viola Rivard.


Viola Rivard is a new author. This is her second series of books, Claimed being her first. She is a YA author with a really great way of writing and I am very excited to follow her progress.

This book is really little but a lot of fun. I read it on a flight from Adelaide to Melbourne. I had been up for like 20 hours, had like 3 hours sleep the night before and just flew through the book. So it that doesn’t say ‘read it’, I don’t really know what will.

The book is about character Sarah, who was in an accident and lost in the woods. In her wanderings she meets Cain (totally thought this was a miss spelling of the Caim- the name of the main character in the last series and I was like Noooooo what about Mila!? oops!), a werewolf! Sarah wears her heart on her sleeve and doesn’t want to be used and abused by guys anymore. Cain is an Alpha with a family and pack to care for and has no need for a mate, let alone a human one.  But their attraction to each other is unstoppable and as the fates would have it, it seems they are Bound to each other.
But how will Sarah feel about spending her life with a werewolf?
Can Cain really mate again? and what about his responsibilities to his pack?

Want to know the answers? Me too! we shall find out in part 2!

I know from her last book, Viola sometimes alludes to things in her characters pasts that never get revealed. Such as, they had a bad childhood, but we never know the why/what/how/who behind it. This leads to a superficial relationship with the characters. It’s too early to tell in the series if this will be the case but I am hoping not. Both characters seem to have an interesting past life, which I am keen (and hoping) to get to know. This book has created a lot of great ground work for this series so I am hoping that this story blossoms into greatness. I believe it has the potential, so give it a go.

I would recommend it to those dorky babes who are lovers of the sexy men who can occasionally turn furry. Those of you who love a romance, outdoors style and who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. So far suitable for the underage, but Viola knows how to get down and dirty with the best of them, so parents keep an eye on your daughters kindle/amazon orders.
images (5)

I’m super excited about getting a free copy of this novel in exchange for a review. Ultimately I would love to go on book tours and read and review all the book, but we’ll see!

Thank you Viola Rivards, I’m a fan!

Also, if you ever want to suggest book or want me to read your stuff, I am more than ecstatic to do so.


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