Lost in Prophecy

SO…. I’ve been meaning to post this since Thursday, but its been a bit of a busy week. I’ve been playing with Michael Buble in his Melbourne shows… I know, so cool! Consequently, It’s been a slow-ish week- but a good one!

I’ve read “Lost in Prophecy” by SM Reine. Book 5 in the Ascension series. I also read “Bitter Sweet Love” which is a novella. I presume most of you have heard the term novella before, but in case you haven’t: A novella is I think usually around 100 pages. Longer than a short story, shorter than a novel. This I will review later, today is…..


SM. Reine writes paranormal and urban fantasies books and she has written some KILLER books and series. This book was no exception. This is the blurb for the book written by SM Reine herself:

”Elise Kavanagh is too busy liberating slaves in the City of Dis to worry about what’s happening on Earth. She hasn’t even noticed that more than three thousand people have gone missing—not until an anonymous client hires her organization, The Hunting Club, to rescue them. The man asking for help doesn’t seem to exist. But the trail of clues is too strange to ignore, and she finds herself caught in the investigation.

Werewolf Alpha Rylie Gresham is absorbed in troubles of her own. The pack is disobeying her, and the cult camped out in Northgate seems to be the source of the problem. Her mate, Abel, has resolved to fix it one way or another—even if it means going over Rylie’s head and killing their enemies.

Through secrets, lies, and assassination attempts, Elise and Rylie find that they have a new enemy in common. And what it takes to prevail might mean shattering the universe…”

There are a lot of great things about this book which I just want to gush over cause I’m so in love with these characters. But I guess I have to be a bit more analytical than that.. 😦

This novel is not a stand alone book. You have to at least read from the start of the series. (This is a GOOD thing= so many amazing stories!)

The start of this novel tends to move slower than what I’m used of from Reine’s writings. Therefore it did take a while to settle into the novel. However, this is by no means a slow book. It picked up a lot of pace from about half way through and is a very easy read.

Elise is the main character. Human turned immortal demon, known to demons as ‘Father’. Father because she has the blood of the maker of demons in her veins. This should put her on top of the Demon hierarchy. However, for the last 5 books, besides gaining wicked healing powers and being able to jump dimensions, she doesn’t seems to actually be that powerful. Or put another way, there seem to be a lot of other demons who are equally, if not stronger, than Elise. This is not necessarily a criticism, because she accomplishes amazing thing, and does take out the other demons, but its curious to wonder why she isn’t as strong as the original father.

Rylie, who we first meet in Seasons Of Moon, is a major character in this book and series. She is the Alpha werewolf of her pack, however, severely lacks the backbone an Alpha werewolf would usually have. I am a Rylie fan and I loved watching her develop in her series.  But in Ascension series, and especially in this novel, she comes across a weak and wimpy, to the point where it’s frustrating.

The over arching issue I feel is the direction of the series, as a whole, doesn’t feel concrete and this novel definitely takes it in yet another direction. There has been a few story lines that have run through the series. In this book we seemed to have dropped those threads and taken up something different again with the investigation of missing people. This is not necessarily a bad thing.  Maybe all the threads will come together at the end? I’ll hold my judgment on that until the series ends.
However, the direction and structure of this book on its own is very clear and well-developed, with an ending that leaves you in suspense!

One of the best things about this novel, as with all the Elise novels, is James. James is Elise’s aspis (witch). For better or for worse, they are bound together by an unbreakable bond of magic. Their relationship has been on unsteady ground after Jame’s heartbreaking betrayal. In this book we start to see maybe the start of a healing process. Not much of one, but we can be forever hopeful. I liked the development and his presence in this book.

Personal opinion time? (like the rest of this isn’t!?)
Honestly, I love James, I do! From the first time I met him I knew I would love him. Buuuuuuuttt….. I’m kind of a little incy-wincy bit (only a fraction I swear) hoping that some amazing, hot, powerful, yumyum walks into Elise’s life and accepts her for the demon she is and gives James the big FU! and happily ever after…
Because James is a bit of a butt in this last novel and it is one novel too much!


As I noted before this isn’t a stand alone novel. I suggest reading from the start of the series it will make more sense.
If you have liked whats been said and think it’s a good read. WHICH YOU SHOULD CAUSE ITS AWESOME. I even more strongly suggest reading the Descent series before this, as the reference to events/histories will make a lot more sense. Descent is Elise’s series, you get to read all about her and James. Which is a thrilling ride, let me tell you!!


And because you all love reading… I also strongly suggest reading “Seasons Of the Moon” and “The Cain Chronicles” before Ascension. This is Rylies series and will give you a lot of insight into her character and the other werewolves seen in the Ascension series.

Seasons of the Moon Series     CainChronicles

I just want to get a big shout of for SM Reine and not only Lost in Prophecy, but all her novels. I have loved and adored every one of them and I couldn’t suggest better books to read than hers. Reine is by far one of my favorite Authors and Elise is definitely in my top 5 all time favorite characters. Reine’s books opened by eyes to the world of young new authors and one of the reasons I started doing this


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