Lover Revealed

OK, so I have done some reading this last week and have been a little slack on the reviewing. I have read both Lover Eternal and Lover Awakened. But I wont review either as they are SO great that they don’t need to be reviewed!
But seriously, I’m sure that if you have read Dark Lover  and liked it, you will or have, read the other two. It’s the logical thing to do.

Today’s review is on “Lover Revealed” by J.R. Ward. Forth book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series.


Lover Revealed is about character Brian O’Neal, aka. Butch, a human ex-cop who defected out of the force for abuse towards a suspect. By accident he falls into the brotherhood and by fate finds his true place in the world and true love Marissa; an aristocracy beauty. However, the road to both true callings and lover is rocky, filled with trials and tribulations.

When I picked up this book I wasn’t busting to read it. Ex-cop Butch has been present in the series since book one, and personally I wasn’t attracted to his character.
To be honest, after reading about Wrath, Rhage and Zsadist stories, I didn’t think Butch could level up. It didn’t  suck me under like the first three books but J.R. Ward certainly brought Butch into his own and in unexpected ways.

You get a bigger picture about where the over arching story in heading in this novel. Personally, I think this really helps these kind of character based romance novels.  Giving the reader something to hold onto when the main characters change every book gives the series a good grounding. I think Ms. Ward is establishing this very well.
Butch seems like he will become a major feature in battle between ‘good’ and ‘evil’ in the books to come. A war which seems to be heating up. So far the battle has just simmered, but I would presume with the prophecies of Butch being the Destroyer, this war will be taken to another level.


Marissa is setting up a new life for herself after being kicked out of home. From when we first met her in “Dark Lover” (first novel in the series), I thought her character was quite weak and wimpy, and wasn’t really keen to get to know her. However like Butch she definitely grew into her own. Marissa showed us her strength of character, and by default the strength of all the females in the series. She established a strong bond, sense of family and team work between the females by the end of the novel. I think this will be present in the coming novels and help aid their fight.

In this novel, you start to see a few side stories appear. Vishous, Butch’s room-mate and best friend, plays a major role in Butch and Marissa’s life and in helping them through their struggles. However, his feelings don’t seem entirely innocent. There were some very saucy moments between Vishous and Butch and also Vishous and Marissa. I was really hoping something was going to happen between Vishous and one (or all) of them, as there seemed to be some strong emotions. But presumably it was one-sided.
I thought this  was a GREAT introduction into Vishous’s story, and definitely has you wanting to get to know him more.

vishous_and_butch___bdb_by_bluehybun-d36nnz2 (1)
John’s story also simmered along in this book. John is a pre-transition vampire adopted in by the brotherhood for training. I get the feeling John will become more and more present. Personally, I am very interested to see where his story is going to go. He is definitely one of the more intricate stories in the series. I never dislike reading his chapter despite not really having much to do with the ‘main’ story.

The Lessers in all four books have been lacking in their organisation and skills in battle. Personally, I hope to see a little more stealth and strength within their ranks in the next books, even though they’re the bad guys. They have not yet come across as worthy adversaries to the brothers, and sometimes I don’t feel as though they are greater threat. The playing field is definitely not level here and I wonder how this will affect the story in books to come. This is also just my own opinion, so feel free to disagree!

There are some great things in this book. I felt it was more a bridging story from what happened before, into what is going to happen next. However, depending on what happens next I might be inclined to retracted this statement. Despite this, it was a really good read, even if I didn’t get emerged by it.

If you like the look of this novel, I would highly suggest reading from the start of the series. You wont be disappointed!



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