The Failed Reckoning.

So I’ve had a bit of a bad reading week. I was going to start reading the second book in the Arotas Trilogy  by Amy Miles and write a follow on post from last weekend. However, I just couldn’t get through it. I got 40% and was not motivated to continue. So I had to stop, which is something I really do not like doing.

I felt the plot line did not have a clear direction which made the book loose flow and structure.  It seemed to be heading in multiple directions and there was a lot of information that the narrator never gave to the reader.

Things like, how did Roseline know where Fane ran away to? There was no explanation as to why she intrinsically knew what country he went to and in fact what bar he went to. The only explanation given was; Roseline and Fane spent some good years there. For me as a reader, I wanted to know how she came to the conclusion she came to. There are a lot of places he could be hiding. It seems a bit whimsical that Roseline could find him based on nothing other than ‘A place filled with blissful memories’.
Fane clearly made a choice to leave Roseline to her life with Gabriel. Which also leads to the question, why would he go somewhere he would so easily be found by Roseline, after making such a monumental decision to let her go? Wouldn’t he go someplace where he could not be found?

It is probably necessary for later in the book that he is part of the main story line. But I think the Author could have gone about this in a more convincing manner.

It felt as if the Author was trying to withhold information to create anticipation. However, I think it just ended up creating plot holes.
I think one of the great things about third person writing, is that you can give information more freely, as you’re not totally dependent on the character being told information. And you can create excitement by the action of the story line.
Personally, I would have liked to have read this novel in first person.

A couple of other smaller points Sadie and Will just left the story and went back to America. After all the trouble they went through to be by Roseline’s side, make sure she is healthy and safe, they left pretty fast afterwards. It seemed out of character from what we had come to know .
Roseline and Nicolae also drove all the way to London from Romania. Presumably they caught a train or plane from Paris to London. A small point but this doesn’t seem like an economical way to travel. Especially if you are desperate to find the love of your life and your short on time.

As I said I didn’t read the whole book, it just wasn’t for me. Maybe some of these complaints would have been cleared up later in the book. I don’t know. I’ve read quite a few reviews and there are lots of people who really like this series, so obviously I missed something.

In my personal opinion, I think the overall idea of the story line is good. However, I think the writing needs editing, or to be re-written, more planning of the plot line and more character analysis.





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