This Weekends Forbidden

So I picked this little book up from the free kindle store,  as it was referred to be via amazon newsletters.. and, it’s a pretty good read.


The book is called Forbidden by Amy Miles and is the first book in the Arotas trilogy.

Now, I am not the biggest grammar Nazi and I don’t mind the occasional spelling error either because lets face it, we all make mistakes (unless you have 10 editors).  As long as you can understand what they’re saying, no harm no foul, am I right? mmm

But for all you perched upon your 18 hand (is that right? idontknowhorses) stallions..
(do you perch on horses? is that a thing?)


There are all kinds of them, spelling, grammar… can’t think of another..  but my only real issue was when I started reading this book, I was super confused about what perspective this book was supposed to be written in. And while spelling and grammar I can fence sit on, I really do think that you should sort out your ‘I, you and sally’s’ if you catch my drift.

However, I managed to understand what was happening, and you will too. I’ll get you a step-ladder if you need help getting down from the stallion, and you should. get down I mean. Because I think this story has potential and worth a read… but maybe wait for my rendition before you decide.

This is a YA fantasy novel, about 300 pg.

This book starts out in Romania 1689, where you meet Roseline in her human form for a brief moment. Hiding under a table with her 14yo sister at her own wedding, you meet Vladimir, the antagonist of the book. Evil, possessive and with a taste for blood and domestic violence (not to mention every other kind of violence), he has just murdered the entire wedding party, family included. Only Adela, Roseline’s sister, is spared. Until Vladimir decided to turn her into an immortal? I mean, vampire? I mean immortal vampire?

This is a vampire book, denying being a vampire book…for all of you who know what I’m talking about. Roseline is immortal, with super strength, super senses,  heals everything but a direct blow to the heart or beheading, absolutely perfect looks, can addict any man to her, needs to but also doesn’t need to drink blood..Some points are hazy. (To heal they need blood, but then don’t necessarily need bloody to heal either..  I’m confused) Anyway they sound a lot like vampires they say they are vampires, but also deny it. If you work it out, you let me know.  All I’m saying is for not drinking blood there is a bit of blood drinking going on. But I’m cool with that.

ANYWAY, Vladimir kills her sister, she becomes an immortal/vampire/something?, he’s abusive, 300 years later she is finally sick of being a pincushion/punching bag/presumably sex toy for her husband (whom she hate and cheats on for at least 100 years) and she.. *sigh* leaves….

Now 300 years is a lot of abuse/torture/mental-screw-you-up-hate-everyone time, I would probably wanna go to some mostly un-populated island in the Maldives ( if it wasn’t sinking, but you catch my drift)  and lick my wounds for a few centuries, but then where is the story in that?

here ft-island-placed-on-a-small-in-the-aland-islands-archipelago-hidden-438005not herechicargo




But she is a good girl, goes all the way to Chicago and guess what she does!? Goes to school! I can’t imagine being 300 years old and optionally signing up to sit through geography class, deal with bitch hormonal teenagers and go to formals, but her life, not mine. I would have thought you would also be over males/relationships/love/everything after the abuse she got from Vladimir but, no, she falls straight in love with Gabriel.

Yes, you’re right, he is sexy to boot, rich, and a footballer.. oh and just incase you were unsure its love a first sight for him, despite his long-term girlfriend.

I really loved meet the character. Roseline is sexy and a hard ass but really just full of love. Gabriel is the typical jock, that is actually an artist in secret, but really he is part immortal/vampire/something  PLUS part of some great prophecy. Yet to be known to him or us!
Sadie is her Roselines’ friend, complete sweetheart but portrays herself as a goth freak. Will, Sadie’s dorky brother that’s actually good looking and tanked but doesn’t get a look in from Roseline, is sweet, if not a little desperate.
Nicolae the illusive character I think will become more interesting in the next book. He is a vampire hunter, but has only ever heard the bad tales and learns from Roseline that not all vampires are evil. Thus is ends up saving the day! who knew..

You never really get to see why Roseline and Gabe fall for each other. Other than the mysterious ‘bond’ which was never really explained, but presumably is some sort of imprinting. You never really get to have a proper conversation with them.  It’s like you don’t really know them, and unsure if they know each other, and yet they are prepared to go to such great length for one another. I think this is more or less the same with all the characters.

And this is a common theme in the book. You never realllly know anything. and it’s not always because the character don’t know it either. like if they are vampires or something else? what are they? I don’t even know? Roseline says a number of times that taking blood has consequences, but never explains what the consequences are. The tattoos and prophecy are pretty big deals I would think, but never gets explained and the characters don’t seem to search for answers that much.
The book is missing information that I think is worth knowing, to get a really rounded idea of the character, the story, and where it is going.

However, the story itself is still good. But the end fight scene was a little bit unrealistic even for a fantasy book…
They have one, nearly dead, Gab, Sadie and Will locked up and Roseline is skinned and unconscious. There is Sorin who has a broken ankle, Nicolae who is a great fighter but green as summer grass, and Fane (immortal), up against two of the fiercest immortal warriors.
Somehow they manage to kill one of them and the other one flees… and then some monks? (don’t know what that was about) comes in and shoots Roseline and kidnaps Gabriel..

The story is a little far fetched, and I think if it was planned and thought out a little more, the Author could have come up with a way to make that scene work a lot better.

Despite my comments, I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series which I will start tonight. It is called Reckoning. All the books have been released so if you really enjoy them, you don’t have to wait months, or years if you’re a GOT fan, for the next one.




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