Me and Nil

I’ve recently come to the conclusion that I read a lot of books.

Too many books? maybe. 

But I also seems to forget all the books I’ve read, can’t remember names/authors/plot lines… ‘Did I like that book?’ ‘err..Yes?no?’

Maybe that’s the sign of a bad book? Naw, I’m just forgetful. 

So, this is my space to [b]log the books I’ve read and review them! I also hope to spread the love of reading and *hopefully* promote some new authors.


So to kick start my blog is ‘Nil’ by Lynne Matson.Image

Nil is a Science fiction with a dash of romance. Dropped into a parallel universe that’s in the shape of a exotic, yet treacherous, Island you have 365 days to escape or…. you die!

Sent by ‘gates’ “Charley with an ‘ey'” lands herself unexpectedly on Island ‘Nil’, like an amazon warrior she battles it out for 12 days alone. Until she meets Thad, her sexy-island-tour-guide and is introduced to the ‘city’. The city is a group of fellow Nil captives that have set up a what they call the city.

And by city we aren’t talking about New York, think 20 people living in A frames. possibly wearing loincloths.

The city is where all the captives (if the choose to) live and they in turn help each other survive. They all pull their weight, except Bart- the city slacker, to help make clothes, hunt food, make soap, make paper, take watch, general Island living duties. and when your need to search for gates to get yourself off the Island, you also have a team to help you.

So Charley and Thad meet and while Charley’s days are plenty, Thad’s time is running out. (Do I need to tell you they fall in love?) and When Charley realizes their time limit she knows she needs to find a way to break the Islands mysteries in order to save him. 

The only way off the Island is the same way you came, through a gate. and by gate I mean, some kind of worm hole the teleports all sorts of warm blooded creatures to and from Nil. Luckily for Charley that means, no snakes, because being stuck in a parallel universe with snakes is NOT okay. But the Island itself? no worries mate. 

Whats the catch? Gates only appear at 12 noon for a very short time (it never specified duration in the book but I’m going with maybe a minute, maybe less?), in sets of 1 or 2, occasionally 3’s and even more rare 4’s.


you don’t know where they will turn up… 

Dont panic!

because Charley conveniently loves maps! and to top it off, is excellent with directions. After numerous days of mapping out Nil and theorizing gate wave timings, she pretty but has is all covered. 

Apart from the inevitable… ‘Maybe we’re here for a reason’

Of course, she cant solve that question for Thad and Thad refuses to think there is a high spiritual reason for Nil. And yes, you guessed right, 1 day left and Thad is still on the Island… and hasn’t caught a gate. 

After Charley catches a freak gate home, she of course is stressing over Thad’s possible death and after 50 days post Nil she resigns herself to his fate.

and this is where I started to freak out..

I read on a Kindle and they have % at the bottom of the screen so you can track your reading… and from about 75% till the end Char and Thad were looking for gates… (overkill? maybe) at about 94% they actually had potential gates.. then Charley got a gate, then she turns up back on earth and is heartbroken ect.. and its like 97% and Thad hasn’t shown up, and I’m freaking, cause I’m like 99% sure that he has survived against all odds… but…. there is that window of chance that the author has done the unthinkable and actually ended her science fiction romance novel… with… death? and I was in disbelief.. it was like divergence series but without a high meaning and not quite as earth shattering..

I was still shattered, the earth was fine though…BUT we got to 99% and my 99% pulled through and voila..


Thad showed up our door step. Magic.


How did he get there?
Read the book!


There are lots of great character, quite a few deaths- sad ones, and unjust ones. 

It didn’t grab me immediately but when Thad came into the picture it was more interesting. You don’t really get to know any of the character really well. Besides Charley and Thad you don’t get much back story into anyone’s life. You don’t even really ever know much about Charley or Thad besides, she likes volleyball and he likes snowboarding ect. Its more a here and now book.

If you want a romance novel- this is not the one for you. In terms of romance, you don’t get down and dirty with them- its pretty much PG. But there are quite a few declarations of love and some stolen kisses.

I found in the end, the book spent a lot of time on maybe unimportant things, like ‘Your purpose on Nil’, which I guess was part of the key to getting home, but it was slightly lame. The mapping the Island/gates was relevant but wasn’t that interesting, and it was a pretty big part of the story line. 

I would have liked to have known some of the characters better and maybe some more Nil dramatics, involving the elusive zebra? or perhaps the rhino? 

But despite all of that, it was a good read. definitely was on the edge of my.. well, bed at the end of the book.

Nil is beautiful and if you didn’t have a time limit, and didn’t turn up naked ever time you arrived and left, I would definitely consider visiting. 



This picture is so Nil




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